Thursday, October 15, 2009


Reading in the book of Esther
I was impressed with the way God
prepares in advance for his people.
God knows the beginning from the end. He saw a
problem coming up for his people by the name of
Haman. So he had his solution in place when
the problem arose. He could have used a thousand
different ways to prepare. This time he choose
a little Jewish girl named Esther and made her

How long before did he began to work on the problem?
I don't know. Neither do you. Let's work backward
to get an idea.

Esther had been queen long enough the honeymoon was
over. King Ahasuerus had not called for her in thirty
days. Even kings don't get too busy to neglect the most
beautiful lady in the land. So either they had been married
a considerable period of time, or he was very, very, very,
very old.

We also have to take into account the time of the "Queen
Contest". It is obvious from the Scriptures that they did
not simply parade all these beautiful young ladies in front
of the king so he could select one. But he had to try
them all out. One lady at a time. A full night was allotted to
each lady to try and convince the king she should be queen.

Before the contest the contestants had to be prepared.
It sounds like they soaked them in oil for six months to make
them soft. No doubt to heal up the chapped skin from the harsh desert sun.
Then they soaked them in perfume for
six months to make them smell good. Many of them had
grown up around camels, donkeys, sheep and goats. Not
the recommend oder for a palace. ( Well. you read it and
see what you think.) That's why it took the king all night
to check them over for softness and oder.
I'm glad we don't do it that way today. We have refined
the process.

Backing up further. The king spent some time getting
lonely. After kicking the last queen out he found
his councilors just could not take the place of a good
wife. We don't know what period of time that covered.
But it appears he was in no hurry.
Back further God started the process. At the end of a
party that lasted for about six months, God put it into
the mind of queen Vashti to snub her husband, the king,
causing him to discard her . This opened the door for
God to have the solution ready for the problem.

The same loving God, that makes all things work together
for good for his people, is all ready working on your coming
problems. How? Don't know. But it encourages me to
know that he is already putting things into place for
your and my coming problems. Praise His holy name.

Thursday, October 8, 2009


A truth you know too. That is, deep down. We just
prefer to ignore it.

Over the years the privilege has been mine to be
associated with at least three "home Bible studies".
I love them. These were with different Churches.
Usually they were mostly the Church
folks. You get to know each other better. You
share together. Help each other. Pray together, and
for each other. And on and on.

The first one was an over coffee and donuts type.
Bible spread out on the table in front of us and a cup
of coffee in hand. And we studied(?)

The second one was a Saturday night "pot luck".
The ladies decided each time what the meal theme was
going to be the next time. So we ate. We sang.
We prayed. We read. We shared, we studied(?)
And it was exciting.

The third one was similar to the second. But forget
all the meal planning. Just bring something. Believe
it or not, the Lord let it work out great without all
the meal planning. Friday nights we met together
and unwound from the week. Something to look
forward to each week and encourage each other
in the Lord. We fellowshiped, eat, prayed and studied(?)

Just a side note. The last one was "sparkpluged"
by a wannabe preacher. That was O.K. for years.
Then he tried to "institutionalise" it into a teaching/
preaching opportunity. - THAT KILLED IT.

The truth I learned over the years is that
most of the people, at a Bible study, do not want
to study the Bible. That would be work and
require thinking. THEY WANT TO PRETEND TO
STUDY THE BIBLE. It's a lot easier that way.

Thursday, October 1, 2009


I have a friend. I know. You find that hard to believe. But actually there are several. This particular friend is unique among my friends. He is totally successful in his field of endeavor. We all have different aspirations. Thus success could be different to each of us. But by diligent application this friend has succeeded in an outstanding way. That is, in his field of endeavor. Independence.

  This young man - in his early forties - like no other, demonstrates his independence. No one is going to run over this man. No one is going to take advantage of this man. No one is going to tell this man what to do. His diligent application of these principles has given him a simply amazing string of successes.

 One of the earliest, I am aware of, is his release from ALL duties and responsibilities with the Army. He was sent on his way to pursue his dream of Independence. I did not see the paper work. But would assume it has such a glowing adjective on it as "insubordination". This has given him the opportunity for a great deal of adventure. He simply migrates around the country. He migrates through this area about every six or seven years. 

On his last migration through this area he shared with me his list of all the places he has lived. Back then, he would have been in his mid thirties, he had lived in sixty six different places. Some of these multiple times. His adventures in independence has put him in the hospital several times. Every one did not share his enthusiasm for his independence.

I have noted, over about a twenty year span, there have been a multitude of employers who have had the opportunity to learn from this man. That is. They are not going to take advantage of him. They are not going to push him around. And he does not have to work for them. He can go to where the pastures are greener.

In fact. Due to his consistent application of independence, I do not know of him ever spending more that a few days, or weeks at the most, in jail. Can you boast of record like that?

By his diligent application of his independent nature he is able to keep his responsibilities to a minimum. He does not have to worry about a wife. He does not have to worry about children. He does not have to worry about a house. In fact he has managed to keep his responsibilities down to a thirty two year old vehicle to sleep in. Several changes of cloths. And a cat.

 The other day he confided in my wife that he was thinking of getting rid of the responsibility of the vehicle. Indeed. My friend's success in pursuing his ambition of independence has led him to the point that about the only true worry he has is - where is the next meal coming from.