Monday, August 21, 2017



Did you know that there is a lot of power in our tongue.
Power to help or power to destroy.

The "Good Book" [The Holy Bible] tells us:

"Death and life are in the power of the tongue,"
(Proverbs 18:21 NASB)   

The problem is that by our natural nature the tongue

"And the tongue is a fire, the very world of iniquity;
the tongue is set among our members as that which 
defiles the entire body, and sets on fire the course of
our life, and is set on fire by hell."
(James 3:6 NASB)   

In the natural state our tongue is set on fire by the very
forces of hell it's self.  That is why we need to turn our
life over to God and invite Jesus Christ to come in and
take control giving us a new nature.  THEN, or tongue
can be a tongue of:

"But the tongue of the wise brings healing."

"The tongue of the wise makes knowledge

"A soothing tongue is a tree of life."
(Proverbs 12:18, 15:2, 4 NASB)    

Friday, August 18, 2017


For over twenty five years I was a technician at a 
Lincoln Mercury dealership.  It would surprise you
 how many people over the years come in with their
cars not knowing how to make something work.

You know why as well as I do.
No body reads the owner's manual.

It is in the manual if you will just read it.
You know, the book the manufacture puts 
in the glove box for your convenience.

Is life not going well for you?
Have you read the manual?
Your manufacture or the giver of your life -
God himself - gave us a owner's manual.

Do you want your life turned around?
The answer is in that book.

Thursday, August 17, 2017


"The fear of man brings a snare,
But he who trusts in the Lord
will be exalted." 
(Proverbs 29:25 NASB)

Wednesday, August 16, 2017


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Under attack -AGAIN.

It started the other night.  There is something I dislike
and it was really getting to me.  Most of the time I can 
tolerate it, but that time it was almost more than I could

Then yesterday something kept me on edge all day.
I did not finish the day well.

Today it was continuing.  I just was not myself.
Then God woke me up to the fact - I am under 
the attack of the devil - AGAIN.

It is good to know what is going on.
What an encouragement.  Yes, encouragement.
The devil don't like the way my life is going.
Even Jesus Christ was tempted by the devil.
You know about his being tempted by the devil
in the wilderness for 40 days.  Then, when it was
"When the devil had finished every temptation,
he left Him until an opportune time."
(Luke 4:13 NASB)  

Do you see that?  The devil left him until an
opportune time.  Just like you and me, Jesus
Christ was tempted time after time while he 
was here on earth - except, He did not fail.

God tells us through old brother James:

"Consider it all joy, my brethren, when you
encounter various trials, knowing that the
testing of your faith produces endurance."
(James 1:2,3 NASB)   

Is it any wonder that time after time through
the Bible we see "To him who overcomes,..."
or he that "conquers". 

 Jesus, take my hand and
lets get going.

Monday, August 14, 2017


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Fake news.  It is one of the big issues of the day.

One site or source I often see on Facebook I can never
trust.  It is always "Breaking News".  And usually something
that could be an encouragement.  For example:

Kim Jong Un.  The whole world would be better off
without this guy.  I read that he and most of his "top
brass" had been killed my navy seals.  But apparently
they did not do a good job of killing this guy.

So, latter I read that he had been killed in a terrible accident.
He had been given a snowmobile by Putin as a gift and ran
into a tree, or something killing him again.  

But, it seems that Kim Jong Un does not know that he
is supposed to be dead.

But fake news is not something new.  Christ himself told
"For false Christs and false prophets will arise
and will show great signs and wonders, so as to
mislead, if possible, even the elect"
(Matthew 24:24 NASB)  

That is today.

I know.  You say there are people you can trust.
That is true.  And there have been many people
in my life time that I could trust.  But, sometimes
they have been fed false or fake information.  So,
they faithfully feed you the false information.

there is one thing you can trust - the HOLY BIBLE

Pick one up and you can read tomorrows news.
It will tell you what is going to happen - and it
will happen.  It will tell you what is going to 
happen to you - and it will.

Friday, August 11, 2017


This is a picture of futility.
It is made with corn, potatoes and other stuff.

My wife found a recipe that sounded good to her.
Sounded fine to me too.  That is, if she made it.
She started on it the other day.  It was plain old
every day had work.  Husking the corn.  Then cutting
the corn off the cob.  Pealing and cutting up the potatoes,
cooking it for about a day and a half, etc, etc, etc.
In fact, it was so much work she decided she would
never make it again - no matter how it tasted.

It finished up this after noon.  After tasting it -
she threw the recipe away.  I ate a bowl full.
Yes, she did the right thing when she threw the
recipe away.

All the hard work for nothing.  Futility.

I have no idea how much money and time I have
wasted on cars, motorcycles, tools, cameras and other
toys.  All of it was futility.

Years ago I heard a saying that went something like this:

"Only one life it will soon be past,
only what's done for Christ will

How true.  How true.
So much that I have done over my lifetime was wasted -
futile.  Some day I am going to stand before God and
give an account of my life.  With God's help I want to
make what is left of life count for him.

Thursday, August 10, 2017


"The Lord is my light and my salvation;
Whom shall I fear?
The Lord is the defense of my life;
Whom shall I dread?

Though a host encamp against me,
My heart will not fear;
Though war arise against me,
In spit of this I shall be confident."
(Psalms 27:1,3 NASB)