Thursday, May 25, 2017

"He who believes in him is not condemned;
he who does not believe is condemned already,
because he has not believed in the name of the
only Son of God."
(John 3:18 RSV)

Wednesday, May 24, 2017


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"Oh, how I love they law!
It is my meditation all the day."
(Psalms 119:97 RSV)

Old age

Most of you kids, - that's someone under about seventy
years old - will not under stand what I am talking about.
Go talk to your grandparents, they will tell you.  BUT,
this old age stuff is not all that "Golden years" thing.  In
fact even the Holy Scriptures give us a different picture.

"Remember also your creator in the days of your youth,
before the evil days come,"(Ecclesiastes 12:1 RSV)

Instead our cry becomes,
"Do not cast me off in the time of old age;
forsake me not when my strength is spent."
(Psalms 71:9 RSV)

But there is a promise that I cling to.

"The righteous flourish like the palm tree,
and grow like a cedar in Lebanon...
They still bring forth fruit in old age,
the are ever full of sap and green,"
(Psalms 92:12 & 14 RSV)

The key is "The righteous...", that is,
do what is right in God's sight.

Getting old?
Get acquainted with God.
Grab his hand and live with him,
then you will have enough strength
and vitality to be useful even in old

Tuesday, May 23, 2017


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" A thousand times over the centuries the death knell
of the Bible has been sounded, the funeral procession
formed, the flowers ordered, the inscription placed
on the tomb stone and the eulogy written but somehow
the corpse never stays put."
-Bernard Ramm

Monday, May 22, 2017


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Can you imagine someone standing before a judge who
has sentenced them to some jail time for; too many 
speeding tickets or too many parking tickets or for 
showing disrespect for the judge or something else,
and saying;

"I don't believe in jail.  There is no such thing as a 
jail.  I have never seen one or known anyone who
has seen or been in one.  

There is something else that some people do not think
exists.  But God does not agree with them.

Whether we like it or not,
every human being that has ever lived on this earth
is going to stand before Jesus Christ in judgement.

To some he will have to say;

"Away from me, you that are under
God's curse!  Away to the eternal
fire which has been prepared for the
Devil and his angels!"
(Matthew 25:41 GNT)

Don't be one of them.
Get personally acquainted with
Jesus Christ, NOW.

Friday, May 19, 2017


Many years ago I had one of those old Dodge Power
Wagons.  The thing was a good old solid truck.  It 
was like nothing could stop it.  But, it sure could 
drink the gas.  So, I bought a newer small pickup.  
It has served me very well also.

Being the old thing it was, I just gave the old Dodge 
to a man who lived back on one of the dirt roads 
in our area.

He was happy and proud of it.  And I was glad
someone could use it.  In fact, for a while he 
used it to drive back to the fishing holes and
ponds in the area for fishing.  Then he parked
it.  That was O.K.  It was his.

For years he kept telling me what he was going
to do with it.  BUT, it just sat there.

I think it was last year he came to my house 
to tell me what as great "hot rod" he was going
to make out of it.  "O.K.  Fine, it's yours."

Believe it or not, he got it running again
driving it up and down the road for about
a week.  Also someone took a spray can
and painted some of it with primer.  I guess
that was what made it a "hot rod".

But, I see it has gone back to just setting.
Talk.  It is (was) all just talk.

So much like many people today.  They
talk about all the great things they are 
going to do.  But years pass, and nothing
happens.  It's just talk.

That is the way it is in the "Spiritual"
world too.  Some start off with a "bang".
Then - that's it.

Jesus tells us about some that way.  They
hear the word of God:

"And these in like manner are the ones
sown upon rocky ground, who when
they hear the word, immediately receive
it with joy; and they have no root in
themselves, but endure for a while; then,
persecution arises on account of the 
word, immediately they fall away."
(Mark 4:16 RSV)

Makes me wonder.  Is my religious or
spiritual talk, just talk.  Is there any 
depth to my confession?

Wednesday, May 17, 2017


"...give, and it will be given to you;
good measure, pressed down, shaken
together, running over will be put into
you lap.  For the measure you give will
be the measure you get back."
(Luke 6:38 RSV)

Monday, May 15, 2017


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Pascal the French philosopher said;

"I prefer to believe those writers who get their
throats cut for what they write."