Sunday, February 21, 2010


This will not mean a thing to you kids
who have not even reached retirement
yet. But some of us older folks need
encouragement too.

Thursday of last week a brother in the
Lord turned ninety-two (92). Being the
pastor's grandfather, the pastor had him
preach. He has being preaching for the
Lord seventy-three years now. And still
out preaches most of the young preachers.
This brother over the years has been used
to bring hundreds to Jesus Christ. Praise
God for that. But one of the discouraging
things about it is that literally hundreds
that he won to Christ were "church members".
Yes, some of the converts were even preachers
who had never had an encounter with the living
God. It is such a sad commentary on the church
of today.

Just being in the presence of someone that
old - still on fire for Jesus - and being used of
God yet is an encouragement.
I pray that with God's help I might be on fire
for Jesus Christ as long as he gives me breath.

"The righteous will flourish
like palm trees;
they will grow like the
cedars of Lebanon.
They are like trees planted
in the house of the
that flourish in the
Temple of our God,
that still bear fruit
in old age
and are always green and
-Psalms 92:12-14 TEV
[Emphasis mine]