Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Many of you remember the name,
Wang Ming Tao, one of the great house
church leaders of China. He spent twenty
three years in prison for his faith. He
passed away back in about 1991. But his
example of living for God carries on to
challenge us.

Here is a quote from him out of an old
Open Doors publication.

"You ought to make a prison cell for yourself.
When I went into prison, I was broken. I was
an evangelist and wanted to hold campaigns
throughout China. I was a writer and wanted
to write books. I was a preacher and wanted
to read my Bible and write sermons.

"But I didn't have a Bible or a pulpit, a
congregation, a pen or paper. I could do
nothing. Nothing except get to know God.
For 20 years, this was the most beautiful
relationship that I have ever known."

Later he add.
"I was put in a prison cell, but you will have
to do this yourself. Make your life simple, so
that you have time to get to know God."


Sassy Granny ... said...

Such profound wisdom! Such amazing humility! I must admit, it choked me up.

May we all long for that sort of relationship with Him ... one that calls for daily interaction & dependence of the utmost sort.


Rose said...

Wow, what an amazing testimony. Thank you for sharing it.