Friday, May 31, 2013


Amazing.  Simply amazing.  Unbelievable.

Our old weed eater (whacker or any other name you chose)
gave us trouble one too many times.  So my wife decided
to go buy a new one.  The best quality she could get.

You know how that goes.  I had to take it out of
the box.  Do what little assemble there was.  
Gas it, oil it, and get it running for her.

Now I have used weed eaters for years (reluctantly).
And been a mechanic for over one fourth of a century.
So I know how to get these things going.

This new machine did not want to start right.  After all
it had funny starting instructions. So after a lot more
pulling than I want to admit, it started - and the wife did
her thing with it.

I guess to prove a point, I determined to follow the
starting instructions to the letter the next time.

An amazing thing happened.  It started like it is 
supposed to.  Now how do you explain that?

God gave us a set of written instructions on how to
live.  It is called "The Holy Bible".

Do you suppose that if we followed his instructions
instead of going our own way -
life might go better for us?


My wife had the same experience.
She followed the instructions and it started for her,
without my help.

Are not instructions simply amazing?

1 comment:

Sonja said...

Oh yes I do supppose so! :)

By the way, my husband gave me a weedeater for Mother's day one year, seriously! So your words about your wife using it did not fall on deaf ears!! :)