Friday, December 20, 2013


Growing some of my own food makes sense to me.
I could save money.  It would be fresh.  I could save
money.  It would be a good use of excess yard.  I 
could save money.  It would give me something
to do.  I could save money.  It would give me exercise.
 I could save money.  And if things ever get
real bad, I'd have food.  And I could save 

But, I have a greasy thumb.  Not a green thumb.
And as you know, grease kills plants.  Consequently,
I  have spend a lot of time on the internet trying to learn 
how to garden, or be a gardener.

I think I have finally memorized the routine for 
growing anything.  It goes like this.

1.  Buy some dirt or potting soil.
2.  If you already have dirt.  Then buy
 lumber to make a bed with.
Or buy some pots.
Or buy some boxes.
3. Buy some tools to work the garden with.
4. Buy compost.
5. Buy mulch.
6. Buy seeds or sets.
7. Buy a book on how to do it.
8. Buy a garden planner.
9. Buy a pH meter.  That is so
someone can sell you some pH.
10. Buy fertilizer.
11. Buy Lime.
12. Buy landscape fabric.
13. Buy Miracle-Gro.
14. Buy bug eradicator.
15. Buy weed control.
16. Buy a freezer to put it in.
17. Buy freezer bags to keep it separated.
18. Buy, buy, buy, buy, buy, buy, buy.

Now, I am ready to save money on
a dozen home grown tomatoes.

But, I wonder how grandpa did it back in the great depression,
he did not have any money.  Or the pioneers, they could
not go to a store.  Nor did they know what pH was or how
to pronounce a fancy word like "sustainably" so people
would know they were smart.

In fact,
how did they grow anything before garden hoses
were invented??????

Now I am really confused.


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