Friday, January 17, 2014


That's Taylor. 
He is one of my great grandchildren.
Taylor is a great little guy.  He is not a spoiled brat
like so many kids.  All around, he is obedient, kind, happy
and fun to be around.

Taylor is a kid.  A boy.

Taylor's grandmother, my daughter, has a treadmill.
A treadmill with a motor on it.  Can you beat that.  I 
thought the idea was to get exercise, and it has a motor
to do the work for you!  What will they think of next?

Now Taylor has been wanting to use that treadmill for 
some time.  But "Nana" has been refusing to let him.
Apparently Taylor can be persistent.  So his grandmother
relented and let him use it.

After showing him how to use it, and the proper settings,
Taylor took off.  After a bit Taylor made a mistake and 
turned the speed the wrong way.  Then Taylor found out 
that the treadmill could out run him.  The treadmill tumbled
Taylor around and then threw him against the wall hard
enough to put a hole in the wall.

Thank God there were no broken bones.  But there are
large abrasions all over Taylor's body.  He can stand up 
with out being on an abrasion.  But he cannot set down
or lay down with out being on one.  The last time I 
talked to him - yesterday - he was standing up - in the

Taylor has learned why his grandmother said no.

But hey!
How about you and I.
God our creator and life giver has given us a some
 "do's" and "don'ts" for our own good.

Are we listening?

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Sassy Granny ... said...

Oh my goodness ... who among us hasn't raised a child or grandchild that had to learn some tough lessons?! That includes me.

I realize I'm much quicker to obey in these latter years, but only because I have so many burns & scars from having done this MY way far too often. Tumbles can be great teachers.

I loved the story, and I can tell I'd delight in that adorable little guy!