Friday, December 5, 2014


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Do I need to tell you that it will change your priorities?

Most of my life I have been sort of a "hot rodder".
But how fast my car is does not matter - now.
In fact, of my several motorcycles,
it does not even matter if they run - now.

The outcome of the world series [What ever that is.]
does not matter.

The size of the house I live in does not matter.
Nor how large or small my bank account is.

When you are looking at death as being just around the 
corner, you realize that most of what we think is important 
in life is mere frivolous, shallow trivia.

I have more or less lived a "full" life.  I am only 80
 years old now.  And if God is willing would like to
do a little more.  But that is in God's hands.


You may be only one half of my age.  But that does not
mean you will out last me.  How much more of your life
are you going to waste before you stand before the God
who gives you life?

Right now I am living on other people's blood.
The Bible tells us that the life is in the blood.  
I will assure you, that is true. 

But there is one more fact of life.
Jesus Christ willingly gave his blood for you so
that you can have real life here on earth now and

You will not make it without the blood of someone
else - the blood of Jesus Christ applied to your life.
Not well now, and certainly not in the life here


Sonja Goodson said...

I can't tell you how many times I've thought of you and prayed for whatever was going on, that God would be your strength. This blog is so good to see, and it's a blog I wish every person could read. You have written from the eye of the storm, and the truth you've expressed is EVERYTHING! Bottom line is that we have the certain knowledge that we are His, in the world and the next... as you said so well, nothing else really matters.

I will keep praying, Joe will be praying with me, and we wish L of God's best for you in the days ahead. I pray for lots more time, but I also pray for your peace of heart and mind, and your family too.

Praying Luther...

Your friend,


Sassy Granny ... said...

Like Sonja, you've been in my thoughts & prayers often in recent months, Luther. How wonderful to see you here. How wonderful to hear the wisdom you've shared! Not a one of us alive today can afford to overlook it.

At 80 years young you are learning still, that's obvious. What a blessing you are!

I hope and pray you have health in abundance; and peace for the journey.