Friday, March 6, 2015


This is not the truck God "fixed" for me.
This is only a picture from my files of a pickup.

Back about 1980 I bought the first pickup I ever had
from a fellow mechanic.  It was one of those ugly
1961 chev. pickups.  It seems that chev. designed it
ugly on purpose.  Like some of today's cars.  They
did well.  It was ugly.  And if there are any left on
a scrap heap some where - they are still ugly.

I had borrowed the pickup from my friend a number
of times.  So it did not come with any hidden faults.
It's chief fault was that it would pop out of high 
gear once in a while.   This was one of those old
6 cylinder three speed manual transmissions.

But that was not supposed to be a problem.  I was
a mechanic, and overhauling manual transmissions 
was one of my jobs.

As you can guess, the problem did not get any better.
Over time it got to popping out of high gear real bad.
I counted one time.  In driving to work, that's, 12 miles,
it popped out of high gear 16 times.

I know, the logical thing to have done would be simply
buy a rebuilt transmission and slip in on a Saturday.
But at that time circumstances were such it could not
be afforded. 

The other option of course was to fix it myself.  The
problem there was down time.  Back then we could
get parts for automatic transmissions in a day or two.
But every time we had a car down with a manual 
transmission, it took a week or two to get parts.
This truck was my only transportation and I had
tried every adjustment I could think of.

One day returning home from work it popped out
of gear while going down a straight section of road.
I put it back in gear.  Let out the clutch and it popped
right back out again.

In frustration and desperation I cried out loud enough
He could hear me, "Lord, I don't know how much longer
I can put up with this."

The next morning on way to work the young fellow
riding into town with me ask, "Did you fix the
transmission?"  No.  Then he pointed out that it had
not popped out of gear at all.

I started watching it then.  It must have been about 
one and a half years before it ever popped out of high
gear again.

Talk about a cheap fix.  God is a whole lot better
mechanic than I am.

Ultimately I gave the old truck to the young man
that was riding with me that morning.


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