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Every race I know anything about has a start and a finish.
It might be, "I'll race you from here to there."  Or, a hundred
yards, meters or what ever.  The race might be over distance,
time, or amount.  You know, who can eat the most hamburgers
in fifteen minutes, or some thing.  And, in truth the "human race
is no different.

Regarding the human race I have noticed a strange thing.
Back when I was a kid in school, (That was a long time before
you were born.)  the evolutionist were mostly talking in terms
of thousands of years.  It might have been a hundred thousand
years,  but in the thousands.  But over the years in an attempt 
to add authenticity to their wild scheming  they have began
grabbing wild numbers out of thin air going into the hundreds
of millions of years.  But in doing so, they have overlooked
a number of facts.  For example, consider population growth.

In his book
The Bible Has the Answer
Dr. Henry Morris has some very interesting figures.
This was back in 1976 and the figures would be 
greater now.

"The present rate of population increase in the world 
is more than two percent per year, and the population
is now over four billion.  However, the average rate
would only have to be one half of one per cent per year
to produce the present world population in 4,300 years.

[This is the approximate time of the deluge, or Noah's
flood, not the beginning of man kind.  Dr. Morris is working
from Noah's family as the starting point of the human race,
not from the first man - Adam.] 

"To put it another way, an average family size of only 2.5
children per family would suffice to develop the present
population in just the length of time since Noah, even with
an average life-span of only about 40 years per person.
These figures are very reasonable, and in fact extremely
conservative, showing that the Bible chronology is quite
plausible in every way. 

"On the other hand, this same very conservative rate
of population growth (only one fourth what it is at 
present), if continued for a million years, would have
produced a present population infinitely greater than
could be packed into every cubic foot of the entire
universe!  This fact  alone argues that the supposed
million-year history of man on the earth is completely
absurd, whereas the Biblical chronology is perfectly

Do you realize that if there were any truth to the
human race being hundreds of thousands or a million
years old - even with wars plagues, diseases etc -
the planet would be so over populated that there never
would have been room for you.


"The fool has said in his heart,
'There is no God.'"
(Psalms 14:1 NKJV)

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