Saturday, August 6, 2016


I have been a Christian for a long time.
And, I am more convinced than ever that
the Bible is truly the word of God.  I have
seen it proven true over and over.  Let the
skeptics scoff.  The day is coming when they
too will have to admit the truth of it.  Of
course, it may well be too late for them.

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How ever, most of the time I do not feel
like a saint. I am far from what I want to 

Years ago I began to notice something.
The "Church" of the Bible, and the "Church"
of today plain and simply are different.  We
use the same words, but have attached different
meanings, or actions.  And the results are 

As Christians we profess to follow the teachings
of Christ.  But do we???

For example.
I find lots of teaching, books, blogs, seminars,
articles etc. about how to succeed, prosper, be 
victorious, be a winner and get your prayers
answered - and much more.

there is one subject that Christ taught in a very
simple straight forward manner that I have seen
NOTHING being taught on.

"Do not be afraid, little flock,
for your Father is pleased to
give you the Kingdom.  SELL
all your belongings 

and GIVE
the money to the poor.  Provide for
yourselves purses that don't wear out,
and save your riches in heaven,..."
(Luke 12:32,33 GNT)

And in another place when talking to a 
crowd of people Jesus said,

"In the same way,' concluded Jesus,
'none of you can be my disciple unless
you GIVE give up everything you 
have." (Luke 14:33 GNT)

Another time Jesus was talking to a Jewish
leader.  The man had followed all the do's
and don'ts, but knew something was missing.

"When Jesus heard this he said to him,
'There is still one more thing you need
to do.  SELL all you have and GIVE
the money to the poor,

and you will have riches in heaven; then come
and follow me."
(Luke 18:22 GNT)

As for me, I have another truck load ready
to go to the sale.

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