Tuesday, October 9, 2012


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Would you like the entire Holy Bible downloaded
on to your computer?
you can.

The "Updated King James Version" is available for free download.

What is the Updated King James Version?

That was my question.  In one of brother David Wilkerson's
books he quoted from it exclusively.  If you know who brother
David Wilkerson was, and he used it, you know you can
trust it.

I found out that the Updated King James Version is a version
that has been updated using modern technology.  A brother
in the Lord came up with a computer program to simply take
the King James version and replace the archaic words with
more modern words.  An example would be "thou" replace
with the word we would use, "you".

Best of all, this brother was doing this out of a love for
Christ.  Not for fame or profit.  The result is that he
 put it into Public Domain.  Yes you can copy it to your
hearts content with one or two small provisions.

If you are interested here is the link to download it.

God bless you as you load up your computer with 
God's word and then download it into yourself.

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