Friday, October 12, 2012


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God has been exceptionally good to me.
I have passed my three score and ten years.
And am now very close to the four score years.

He not only has he given me life.  But eternal life through
the death of Jesus Christ in my place.  God has kept me 
from suffering major illnesses or injuries.  He has always
 kept me clothed and fed.  I do not remember ever missing 
a meal out of necessity.  Some times by choice.  But not 

The Lord has provided me with a comfortable home.
A loving family, and even permitted me to have
some "toys" to play with.

Yes I have had heartbreak, tiredness, hurt etc like
everyone else.  But that's life.

But God has been good to me.

However.  As I read God's word something keeps popping out
at me.  And that is the call of the disciples, especially as
narrated in the Gospel of Luke.

In chapter five we see the fishermen fishing all night.  But
caught nothing.  And we all love it when they follow the
Lord's instruction, and catch so many fish that both boats 
begin to sink.  Hey Lord.  Join me in my business.  O.K?

Boats full of fish.  Business is booming.

"They pulled the boats up on the beach,
left everything,
and followed Jesus.
(Luke 5:11 GNB)

Next Jesus goes to the tax collector's office.
Told Levi to follow him.
"Levi got up, left everything and followed him"
(Luke 5:28 GNB)

The question that haunts me.


"In the same way,' concluded Jesus, 'none of you
can be my disciple unless you give up
everything you have."
(Luke 14:33 GNB)

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Sassy Granny ... said...

Keeping the proverbial cart before the horse is always a challenge, isn't it. About the time I think I have this lessons firmly established in my priorities, I get to gripping my "things". How I thank God for His patience and grace.