Tuesday, December 11, 2012


In the time of king David of Israel there was a man named
Ahimaaz.  His name was almost as funny as some of our names.
But his actions were much the same as ours.

A very important battle had just been won.  Ahimaaz wanted
to be the one to run and tell the king the outcome of the battle.
But some else was sent.

Ahmaaz kept insisting that he should run and tell the king.
Finally he was allowed to run with the news to the king also.
Ahmaaz out run the first runner and delivered the following
message to the king.

"Sir, when your officer Joab sent me,
I saw a great commotion,
but I couldn't tell what it was."
(2 Samuel 18:29 GNB)

Now what kind of information is that????
How informed did the king become from this message?

I love the ease of finding information on the internet as vs.
buying a book or card files in the library.
But I have learned something.

If you really want to learn something - stay away from forums.
Some of the people who post on the forums have no concept of
what they are talking about.  They simply want to say something.
Many others are only guessing, but also only want to say something.
And a few - very few - know what they are talking about and
have useful information.  That is, if you can be patient enough
and keep digging through the rest of the postings.
Forums have become a last resort for myself.

If you watch videos you have found much the same thing.  A
lot of the videos were made by people who do not know what
they are doing.  They just want to make a video.  I have even
seen some that have never even done the task they are trying 
to teach you about.

Should we even mention Facebook and the stupidity that is
posted daily there?   
Yes, there are some good posts even on Facebook. 
But you will have a warped mind by the time you get to it.

Those of us that try to blog are sure that blogging is much
different.  Isn't it? 

Should we leave the use of these things alone?

"You can be sure that on the Judgment Day you will
have to give account of every useless word you have ever
spoken.  Your words will be used to judge you - to declare
you either innocent or guilty."
(Matthew 12:36,37 GNB)

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