Friday, December 14, 2012


Yes, it is only a cup.
But twenty four hours ago it was buried trash.

I was down in the bottom of a ravine cleaning up again.
After every storm or rain something else always seems to
show up.  So I was looking for any trash that might have
been missed.  You know, tin cans, bottles, beer cans etc.

Walking along searching for trash a corner of 
this little cup peeked out from under the leaves.  After
digging it out it appeared to be in tact.  So a clean up was
in order. It probably had been discarded with the trash ten to 
fifteen years ago.

After a good scrubbing and a trip through the dish washer,
you can see what I was rewarded with.

That little cup is just like a lot of our lives.
Discarded.  Thrown out with the trash.
On the trash heap of humanity.

But like I wanted to clean up that little cup,
God wants to clean up and restore us.

However, there is one difference.
That little cup is an inanimate object.
It has no will of it's own.

God gave you an I a "free will".
We have the choice.  We can turn to him
and let him restore us.
Or, we can stay on the trash heap.

"The LORD says,
'Now, let's settle the matter.
You are stained red with sin,
but I will wash you as clean as snow.
Although your stains are deep red, 
you will be as white as wool.  
If you will only obey me,
you will eat the good things the land produces.
But if you defy me,
you are doomed to die.
I, the LORD have spoken.'".
(Isaiah 1:1820 GNB)

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Sonja said...

Repentance, healing and restoration, that's what God is all about. I'm forever thankful, as we all are. Sinners saved by grace.