Tuesday, August 13, 2013


This is a couple I know.
I feel their's is a marriage that was made in heaven.

They are fitted for each other like a hand and a glove.
They genuinely love each other.
They have a common God given goal in life.

But you and I know,
that if they don't live together,
their marriage will fail.

There is another marriage being made in heaven.

God of course does things on a grandiose scale.
That is why he created the universe.
That is why he created the earth
That is why he created the human race.

God wants a numberless race of human beings to be his
marriage partner for ever.  From this earth full of people he
is pulling out a people for himself.

You may believe in God.
You may love God.
You may have summited (married) yourself to God.

But if you go your own way and will not live with God daily.
What makes you think your relationship with God
 will endure?

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