Friday, October 18, 2013


Several thousand years ago, even before your were born,
there was a king in Judea named Amaziah.  Now Amaziah
was unique in this respect:

"He did what was pleasing to the LORD,
but did it reluctantly."
(2 Chronicles 25:2 TEV)

His attitude in serving God was just like your attitude,
and my attitude, about speed limits.  If we observe them at

That is the way Amaziah served God.  Just because he had to.
Not because he wanted to. And if you will read his life's story 
you will see this got him into a lot of trouble and he was 
eventually assassinated.  He was wrecked, totaled out.

In contrast, there later came another king with another 
funny name, "Hezekiah".   Hezekiah reigned over the same
nation that Amaziah did, for the same length of time.
But his attitude was different.

"King Hezekiah did what was right and what was
pleasing to the LORD his God.  He was successful,
because everything he did for the Temple or in
observance of the Law, he did in a spirit of complete
loyalty and devotion to his God."
(2 Chronicles 31:20-21 TEV)

Hezekiah, "Succeeded in everything he did,..."
(Chapter 32:30)

Hezekiah had a reign of prosperity and success because
of his love for God.

Yes, just like you and me, Hezekiah messed up some,
but he had a life that was blessed by God because of
his devotion to God.

Is life going like you want?
Check your devotion to God.

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