Friday, March 28, 2014


Yes, that is a smoke alarm.  I put a new battery
in it a week or two ago and it works very, very well.

I am not a cook.  I freely confess it.
I can fry eggs.  Sort of.
I can make messed up (scrambled) eggs.  Sort of.
And I can reheat things in the Microwave.  Sort of.

The wife has been gone a few days leaving me on 
my own.  (She tried to have things ready for me.)
So yesterday I took a few pieces of fish out of the 
freezer.  The fish even had instructions with it.  How
can you miss.

Now experience has taught me that most food things
come with two sets of instructions.  One for microwaves
and one for regular ovens.  That is the one the wife uses
so much for me.  The oven.  You know, preheat for
xxxx minutes then cook for a whole lot longer.  Then
turn over and let cool or what ever.  But hay!  I
want to eat today - noon - not tonight.  So, I am a 
microwave boy.

Looking at the fish and the instructions with it, there
were two sets of instructions.  The bottom one was 
for the oven.  That's not the one I want.  So, the top
instructions it is.

I followed it to the letter.

In a couple of minutes I began to smell the fish.
That is good.  Then it began to not smell quite the
same.  But what do I know about cooking.

When the smoke alarm went off and the wife's cat
went wild I suspected something was not quite
right.  Correct.  Smoke was coming out of the 
microwave.  And the fish was just black stuff toasted
to the plate.

I went back and looked at the instructions again.  I had
done it right.  Except that these fish had no microwave 
instructions.  Only instructions for the stove top or the
And things ended up toasted.

What instructions are you following for life???????

Some you have made up yourself?
You'll end up toasted.

Some world famous guru??????
You'll end up toasted.

Or the instructions of some outstanding,
do it this way and get rich, spiritual leader??
You'll end up toasted.

If you don't want to end up toasted,
you had better follow the instructions of the 
manufacture - Jesus Christ.  The one who
created you and gives you life.  They are found
in a book called "The Holy Bible".

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