Sunday, January 4, 2015


I am not even thinking of this as a miracle.
It was just one more answer to prayer.

When I came down with aplastic anemia I
was in ICU in the hospital above for five days.

The watch above.
I clearly remember taking it off and laying it on 
the neat little table or tray that you find in every
hospital room.

I do not remember if it was the day of my release
so I could shower.  Or sometime earlier in my stay.
After all, every hospital room I've been in provides
a LARGE wall clock where the patient can see it
clearly.  That is so you can know how slowly 
time is passing.

On the day of my release we could not find my 
watch.  Now, I am the kind of person that cannot
find something unless it is on top or in the front.

But that is not the way my wife works.  She can
find anything in any kind of pile any where.
She searched through the entire room for it.  She
went through my laundry, suitcase and every thing
I had.  But no watch.

Now that is a very, very cheap watch.  So that 
was not a concern to me.  But I did not want to
feel it had been stolen.

I clearly remember as I was leaving the room
praying and asking the Lord to let the watch
show up some time.  My main concern was 
more that I did not want to feel it had been
stolen from me.

About a month later my wife came carrying it
in to the kitchen.  She ask me if I knew any thing
about it.  Yep.

Where was it??
On the floor between the washer and the dryer.

Thank you Jesus.

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