Wednesday, May 18, 2016


(photo courtesy

The caption for this image called it a computer screen
plantation.  Now we know where computer screens 
come from and that this was a crop from a few years
ago.  I have learned a lot today.  But what has that to 
do with prayer?

More seriously.
That happens to be about the number of computers we
have around the house and in my office - that are on
the internet.  So,  this has helped me to understand 
prayer better to.

I still do not know how God can hear and answer 
prayer individually to millions of people at the same
time.  It would seem impossible.  But just on our
LAN we have eight or ten computers.  All going
through one router from one internet provider.
And, we can all be on the same or different web
sites receiving or sending information while a
million or more other people are doing the same

If mankind in his stupidity  can do that, well God
is infinitely further ahead and can do even more.
Is it any wonder that God can hear and answer
millions of prayers at the same time?

What a great God I serve.

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