Friday, January 29, 2016



What is?

The Holy Bible.

G.H. Lang tells of going to a lecture by the noted
Dr. W.M. Christie.  Dr. Christie told them that he 
left his Scotch and Continental universities and 
went to Palestine as a higher critic of the Bible.
[A higher critic is someone who thinks they know 
more that the Bible.  LOL!]

But after forty years in Palestine he completely
changes his views.  After checking all the "ups"
and "downs" etc in the Bible and comparing it
the the land it's self.  He found that there was not
a geographical slip in the whole Bible.

You can trust it.

Friday, January 22, 2016


Cute little guy isn't he?

This is something that many of you will not understand.
But several different times in my life these little guys
have been a real bother or pain to me.  They can be 
very destructive, to say nothing of the germs they can

Now I am not like most of you.  I do not have the time,
patience or resources to kill them with kindness.  They
would have everything destroyed and germs spread all
around before I could get them stopped that way.
I have had to resort to "poison".
Just a quicker way to kill them with kindness.

For my circumstances the poison shown above has been
very effective.  For myself the pelleted form has worked 

It is hard to see in the image above.  But the word
"palatable" is used regarding this poison.  Now
delicious, appetizing, tasty, savory.
So, I bait them with "Tomcat".

When I have to start using this poison to control
a rat situation,  they simply can't get enough of 
the stuff.  I have to ration it out or that large bucket
full would be all gone in a few days.

But that is enough.
This stuff has "diphacinone" in it.
The diphacinone is highly toxic and causes
the blood not to clot.

The result is, after a fews day or a week
the rat will hemorrhage internally.  He
will literally bleed to death internally.

Yes, the rat really enjoyed him/her self for
a few days.  But that indulgence killed it.

Do you know you are being baited just like
those rats were.

Most of that palatable stuff that comes
out of Hollywood or from the current 
crop of politicians has a spiritual from
of "diphacinone" in it.  You are just eating
it up, and it's killing you.

God tells us to:
"Abstain from every form of evil."
(1 Thessalonians 5:22 NKJV)

Don't do it.  Don't even look at it.

But Oh! how we love to watch it
and hear about it.
Even if it is killing us spiritually.

Friday, January 15, 2016


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One morning  I woke up excessively tired from the day before.
I had lost all enthusiasm for the day, though I had been looking
forward to it.  It was like "What's the use?"  Even coffee did not

Particularly heavy on my mind during this period is the realization 
that the world we live in has completely gone insane.  It seems that
evil is gaining the upper hand on every front.  Even though I knew
this time was coming.  Over two thousand years ago God let us 
know that this evil time was coming and that it is going to get even
worse.  That is one of the reasons I left were I was living and moved
here over forty years ago.

Also I know that God tests our faith with various trials.  As well,
as use trials and hardships to strengthen our faith.  But still I was
not bubbling over with joy.

Then I read this verse that spoke volumes to me.

"All of you that honor the Lord
and obey the words of his servant,
the path you walk may be dark indeed,
but trust in the Lord,
rely on your God."
(Isaiah 50:10 GNT)

Yes, things may be dark and dreary in the world and in our
life.  But hang on to God's hand and he will lead us through

Friday, January 8, 2016


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The difference is:
If your leader, teacher, prophet or founder is dead -
You only have a "religion".
And a very dead one at that.

But if the leader you submit your self to is
 Jesus Christ who is alive and setting
at the right hand of God almighty -
then you are a Christian.