Friday, September 14, 2012


God answered another prayer for me.
This tree was struck by lighting last year.
At that time all it did was knock our internet out.
It only took someone who knew what they were doing
and a new router.

When I discovered the tree that was hit, it was
just across the fence in the neighbors field.  If it fell,
it most likely would hit our place.

I have spent many years cutting fire wood.  If you 
look at that tree you can see the danger involved with it.
No matter where you cut it, something will break loose
and either drop it on you or knock you clear across the field.

I began to pray that the Lord would not let any one get hurt
with it when it either fell or was cut down.

The neighbor hooked a large tractor to it with a
long logging chain.  But it could not pull that stubborn old 
tree down.  It just pulled the tractor off the ground.

The other night a storm came through.  As usual I ask God
to protect our place.  He did.

The storm blew the top out of the tree.  It fell  right
between our chicken coop and a tree.  There was only
one small limb of the little tree broken.  And the 
chicken coop was not damaged in any way.
The chickens did not say if it scared them or not.

I could not have picked a better place for it to fall.

After I cut it up in little pieces all I had to do was
 straighten up the old rusty wire fence. 


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Sonja said...

riesnueWell if that isn't just like God!!!
I love it Luther, now you've given me thoughts for another blog. :)

I think I can hear your chickens this morning, and I think they are praising God!