Friday, September 28, 2012


Russians have a fantastic tradition - the "dacha".

They are smart enough to want out of town.  To get out
into the country with it's fresh air and hopefully tranquility.
A place to slow down, get close to nature and relax.
Oh, and lots of fresh fruit and vegetables.

That has been my desire for a long time.  A retreat away from
the crowd.  A place with a slowed down pace.  I just did not 
know it was called a "dacha".

Being a poor man it was not possible just to go out and
buy one.   So, what do you do?  "PRAY".  Pray to the 
God who created the world and all that is in it to start with.
He does hear and answer prayer.  The pictures in this 
post are proof of that.

Yes, it needs lots and lots and lots of work.  But that has 
been a blessing in itself.  I am the kind of guy that can not
just set and watch the sun raise and set.  So every time
I break out into a sweat I thank God while listening to
the birds sing and the wind blow through the trees.

The vegetable garden.  No its not in yet.  But the spaces 
are picked out in several clearings.

One other thing.  The principle of the dacha seems to be a God
inspired thing.  God wants us to get out of the fast pace
of life and spend time with him.  And to feast on his 
word and presence.

Christ himself said to his disciples,
"Come away by yourselves to a lonely
place, and rest a while."
(Mark 6:31 RSV)

You don't have a dacha.  That is O.K.  Go hide in
the closet.  Sit behind a bush or lock yourself in
a car.  Then relax and talk with God for a while.
You will come away refreshed.   

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Anonymous said...

Ohhh... no wonder I've always felt drawn to get away from man's creations and get alone with God's creation. I don't have a "dacha", but when I need one, I find one.
Yours looks so peaceful and inviting. Makes me want to sit on that bench and just 'listen' for a few hours. Thanks for sharing your "dacha" with us.