Friday, April 19, 2013


Off the shelf.

I have mentioned before, I am not a photographer.
But I enjoy playing with cameras.
But which camera to get??????

If you will look on ebay, where I have bought any
cameras bought since I was a kid, there are anywhere
from 56 to 60 THOUSAND cameras offered for sale.
And all with more megapixels than the other guy.

Storm is coming

I am indebted to Ken Rockwell, a professional photographer,
for an over looked truth.  The megapixels do not matter.
That is just a selling point.  What matters is the lens and sensor -
as far as the camera goes.   And even more importantly the

If you are interested in photography, you would enjoy Ken's
site at:

With this in mind I have followed up on some cameras where 
the image quality has actually deteriorated when they increased
the megapixels, or went to a "newer and better" camera.  Go 
figure.  No matter how many megapixes, if they see through
a poor lens - you get a poor picture.

You know, like using powerful binoculars or a telescope -
through a real dirty or distorted window.

Looking over the back fence

Consequently, I have been wanting to get an old, low
megapixel camera to play with.  But with a good lens.

The back yard

Because grandpa likes to play, I bought a camera off ebay
for $9.99 to take these pictures.  [The lighting is poor on each
of these images.  Even the outside images.  A storm was coming.
It was overcast and the sun was not up yet.  But I was in a hurry.]
It is the cheapest digital camera I have ever owned.   It is very low on
 megapixels, 2 (two) if you are counting, but, supposed to have a
good lens.  (We will see.  But beginning to doubt this lens.)  It will
 not be any good for wall maurals or life size portraits.  If that is your
goal - go buy a hand full of  megapixels.

Small dead fly.
Incidentally, the fly is still dead.

But what about your lens?  Your personal lens?
Your "lens" will effet how you see everything.
Distorted or clearly.

God said,
"The eyes are like a lamp for the body.  If your eyes
are sound, you whole body will be full of light:
but if your eyes are no good, your body will be
in darkness.  So if the light in you is darkness,
how terribly  dark it will be!
(Matthew 6:22,23 GNB)

God often refers to our ability to comprehend, or
understand, as seeing with our eyes.  For example
Jesus said,

"This people will listen and listen, but not
understand; they will look and look, but not see,
because their minds are dull, and they have stopped
up their ears and have closed their eyes..."
(Matthew 13:14, 15 GNB)

They look, but will not snap the shutter.

"How clearly the sky reveals God's glory!
How plainly it shows what he has done!"
(Psalms 19:1 GNB)

Does it register with you that this old world
and the heavens are the work of GOD?
Or has God's enemy clouded up your lens
so that you cannot see that we are all the
work of God?

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