Friday, April 26, 2013


Image no. 1

Some where a  team of engineers designed these 
vehicles.  It is obvious a lot of thought and design 
effort was put into them.  They are very complex.  
But that is what designers are for.  The best I know, 
the owners are completely happy with them, for 
what they want.

Image no. 2

Not as complex as image no. 1.  But I know two
 ladies who put a lot of thought into how this house
was to be built.  Then a designer (architect) went to 
work putting their thoughts into the design and building
of it.

Image no. 3

Image no. 3 is an old house built back in the 50's.
I personally know the man that designed and built
it.  Herman told me that after he "precut" everything -
they put it up in one day.  That was back when they 
still had "barn raisings" around here.

Image no. 4

Image no. three.  Less complex that the others, 
but it still required some thought.  That is what 
is left of an old "pole barn" that Carl built.

Image no. 5

Image no. 5.  Yep, less complex yet.  I am the one
 guilty here.  A bench was needed to hold a 
motorcycle engine while we worked on it.  So I
gave it some thought and put it together out
of "stuff" laying around.  It has been real handy.

Image no. 6

Image no. 6.  Yes it is just a pile of wood.  But even
then I had to decide where it would be out of the way
and how to stack it so it would not scatter.
Not much "designer" here.  But it still took some intelligence.

Image no. 7

Image no. 8

Image no. 9

Images 7, 8 and 9.


Far too complex to have a designer.  Anything 
this intricate could not have a designer behind
it.  It would have to be a pure accident or chance.
Or perhaps enough "nothing" got together and 
moulded into something over millions and 
billions of years to become something.
Then "something" got smart enough to put
itself together into another form.


Sonja said...

and of course there are those who would say that first there was just a big bang, then monkeys, and now grandkids, all from that bang!! Grandkids may be monkeys, but they were handcrafted as grandkids with a loving unique design by the God of the universe... before they became monkeys! :)

Sassy Granny ... said...

I wholeheartedly concur. I often have to scratch my head by the arguments (dare I say "lunacy") of those that think something ~ especially complex somethings ~ can & do come from nothing. It doesn't make common sense, much less godly sense.