Friday, April 5, 2013


I have this dandy little camera.  I've had if for about 
five years.  Convenient is perhaps it's best description.
It will even fit into my shirt pocket.  As a result most of 
the images that show up on this post come from that 
slick little camera.  And it is a point and shoot to boot.

That let the cat out of the bag.  I've had it that long and
cannot take any better pictures than that?  The reason is
simple.  You ladies have a camera to take pictures with.
But I am a man.  To me a camera is a neat gadget to play
with.  You know.  A toy.  And if it takes pictures,
 so much the better.

Now all these years I have had an occasional problem 
with this camera.  Sometimes the flash is just toooo much.
I have even gone through all the menus to see if I could
turn it off.  And I hate menus.  So I would block the flash
with my finger.  Then everything gets red.  I have put 
several layers of scotch tape over the flash to soften it.
That helps a lot.  I have taped it off with black electrical
 tape.  That works.  But all these are a nuisance.

Consequently, I decided that today might be a good
day to make a little gadget to block the flash when I 
did not want it.  Something easy to carry with me.

THEN I had this God given thought.  It had to 
be God given because I was not smart enough to
think of it all by my self.


Well, right there it was on page 15.  One little 
button on the back of the camera to push.  Now
who would have ever thought of something that

Now I should be embarrassed.  But I am not.
You do the same thing.

God gave us an instruction manual about life.
But do you read it?
Or just stumble through life on your own?

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