Tuesday, August 18, 2015


There is an old idiom we used to hear that said,
"The pot calling the kettle black".

That of course was because both of them had
soot on them from the fire.
The meaning was,
someone was accusing someone else of 
the same thing they were guilty of themselves.

This was brought to mind when on our way to church 
a few days ago.

The side road we live on dead ends at the main road.
But our side road comes into the main road at an angle.
This forces you to look over your left shoulder and 
look for traffic before pulling out on to the main road
in ether direction.  And when the foliage is heavy,
you have to pull out into the main road a little ways to
see and be safe.

My wife was driving.  The nose of the car was out a
ways into the main road so she could see.  Signals
were going.  Stop had been made.  Everything was
proper, but for safeties sake, a little further out than

To our right on the main road was an open Jeep coming.
You know.  A real Jeep.  No top.  Half doors etc.
The Jeep made a left turn in front of us and went 
up our side road.

I made two observations.
1.  The driver of the Jeep, a man, was shaking his head
in a very intentional, obvious manner at the wife.  The 
meaning seemed to be, 
"Stupid woman driver."

2. The other observation, he made the left turn off
the main road in front of any and all traffic with absolutely 
no signal of any type what ever.

"You teach others -
why don't you teach yourself?
(Romans 2:21GNT)

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