Friday, November 6, 2015


Many, many, many years ago I would set with my Bible
in my lap reading about the "New Testament Church".
Not being as smart as you are, all I could tell was that
the Church in the Bible was different than the Church I
attended, or you attend.  For one thing they had more 
power than we did.  There were other differences too,
but what were they?

Since then I have spent many years in several different
denominations.  Two of them in particular confidently
proclaimed that they "had the power".  But my question
constantly was, in all the years of attending, "Where's 
the power" you are talking about?

After about forty or fifty years of watching and learning
(Mostly from others) it has become obvious that there
is absolutely no similarity between today's Church - most 
places - and the Church of the New Testament.  We use 
the same words, but over the years have attached different 
meanings to the "Religious" words we use. 

To add to the wonderment of it all, in this country we
have more Bibles, Christian literature, Christian books
and Christian programs than anywhere in the world.
But, about the weakest "Church".

We are like some people the Apostle Paul spoke of when
he said they ... "are always trying to learn but who can
never come to to know the truth."

Many years ago I ask some folks who were visiting our
Church how their pastor was doing - or something.  I 
of course referred to the good pastor as "Reverend".
What a mistake that was.  They let me know real quick
that he was not a "Reverend" any more.  He is a 
"Doctor" now.  Since then this good man has became
nationally famous.

It is obvious the way the Church is going that we 
do not need more "Doctors" of divinity or philosophy
or anything else.
not "Doctors".

But to the point.
Way back before you or I were born Moses had the answer
to our dilemma.  He was speaking to the children of Israel 
about the Law God had given them and keeping it.
Moses told them;

"You know it and can quote it,
so now obey it."
(Deuteronomy 30:14 GNT)

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