Wednesday, April 27, 2016

"WIST" and "...WIST NOT..."

That is my "King James Bible".
Yes, I have several.

But, I ran into a problem.

Nine times it told me, 
"...wist not...".
Then it told me two times,
"...wist it not...".
And finally it told me,
"...wist ye not...".

And the way I like to "wist",
well, I simply had to change 
versions so I could go on "wisting"
without my conscience bothering me.

I assume you know I did this post
for fun.  You know, jest.  But if
your wanting to "wist" ever gets
the best of you - just remember
this post.

And yes, I took each of these expressions
out of context.  That's how people make
the Bible say what they want it to.

May you have a happy "wisting"
experience today.

1 comment:

Sonja Goodson said...

This one made me smile, Luther! :)