Friday, June 17, 2016


Perhaps I should start this way.
What looks like garlic,
smells like garlic
and taste like garlic -
but is not garlic? 

You know the answer, "Elephant garlic".
The smart people tell us that "Elephant garlic"
is not a garlic, but a leek. 
[I understand "leaks".  Nearly everything
I have "leaks".]

So for you folks who like to pretend to be 
smart I am talking about  "Alliumampeloprasum."
And what is the big deal about "Alliumampeloprasum",

I try to be honest and accurate - not like a lot of 
our so called "scientist" who take the facts they
want and mix them into whatever theory they can
concoct, and call it science.  Except, of course,
when I make it obvious that I am joking or jesting.

So, to be exact, these photos are not true garlic,
but "Alliumampeloprasum".  But to us simple 
folks it taste like garlic - and that's good enough.

The "garlic" in the image above is in an area of the yard that
was an Elephant garlic bed a couple of years ago.  The bed was
taken out - but the garlic continues to come up anyway, even
with constant mowing over it.  Garlic hangs in there.

And the garlic above is in an area of the yard that was an 
Elephant garlic bed three or four years ago.  But the garlic still 
persists in coming up.  Garlic hangs in there.

In another area of the yard (Not pictured.) what you smart people
call "Spanish Roja" and we common folks call "ophioscorodon",
the garlic keeps coming  back even after being mowed over and
mowed over and mowed over.  Garlic hangs in there.

I love this photo because it is some straggly garlic plants that
I was trying to save, but did not have room to plant.  So I just
laid the plants down on a bare spot and put a little dirt on top
of them.  I did not even plant them, but they were happy and 
came up anyway.  What a lesson, garlic hangs in there.

What is the big deal about hanging in there?

About two thousand years ago God told us that this
period of time we are living in was coming.  He even
told us what people would be like today.  And, it is 
just like he spelled it out.

However, he told us a lot more.  Things that you do
not want to hear.  But they are going to happen anyway.

God told us that there would be a great turning away
from faith in God.  You see it happing right now.  He
also told us that a time is coming when there would be
a one world government or system.  And a one world 
religion. You can see the signs of that happening 
even now.

However, the man at the top of that government or 
system is not from God, but Satan himself.  And
anyone who gives their allegiance to that world 
system  and religion is bound for the Devil's 
eternal hell.

The point is,
get your faith rooted deep in God and his 
Son Jesus Christ.  Then hang in there like

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