Wednesday, June 29, 2016


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Why do those of us who are Christians insist on carrying
useless burdens?

Those who belong to this old world do not know any better.
They think that the more they have to carry through life,
the better off they are.

It is interesting that when Jesus called Simon Peter and
his fishing buddies to go with him,
"They pulled the boats up on the beach,
left everything, and followed Jesus."

And when Jesus called Levi the tax
"Levi got up, left everything and
follow him."
(Luke 5:11 & 28 GNT)

I know a certain woman, who I will not name for 
my own personal safety,  who decided to clear 
out her "excess" clothing.  She donated it to 
a homeless shelter and a battered women's

I am not exaggerating, I helped load it, I know.
It was three SUV loads.  It would have filled 
my little pickup.  Now how can one woman
wear that much in just one lifetime?

[Did you notice, I did not say anything about
how much I might have passed on?]

"What did we bring into the world?
What can we take out of the world?
So then, if we have food and clothes,
that should be enough for us."
(1 Timothy 6:7,8 GNT)

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