Saturday, April 15, 2017


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Do you want a closer walk with God?

Most Christians I know want a closer walk with God.
And, most Christians I know relate it to a knowledge 
of God's word - The Holy Bible.  And that's very, very

Frankly I am appalled at the lack of knowledge of the 
Bible by most Christians.  They would claim that it is 
the most important book in the world.  Yet it seems the 
only knowledge they have about spiritual things is only
the things they have heard some preacher preach.


Consider this.

Shortly after God created mankind, in about the 
sixth generation, was a man named Enoch.  Enoch
walked with God.  In fact, Enoch walked so close to
God that God decided to just take Enoch on up to 
heaven with him.  So, God "translated" Enoch to

But, Enoch did not have a Bible.

After a lot more years mankind had gotten so rotten
that God decided to just wipe them out.  But, there 
was one man who "walked" with God.  His name 
was Noah.  So God preserved the human race through
Noah, because Noah walked with God.

But, Noah did to have a Bible.

Years latter again there was a man who walked with
God.  His name was Abraham.  Abraham was known
as "The friend of God".  And God made a covenant 
with Abraham that resulted in a race of people we 
call "Jews".  Because Abraham walked with God.

But, Abraham did not have a Bible.

Many more years later another man named Elijah
walked with God.  Elijah walked so close to God 
during his life time that God sent a fiery chariot to 
take Elijah to heaven.

But, Elijah would have only had a few of the books
we call "The Old Testament" available to him.

My friend,
the problem is not how well we know the Scriptures.

The problem is in our want to.

We get what we want.  That is why you owe money
for some things that "you wanted."

When we WANT to walk closer with God bad enough,
then we will.

"But from there you will seek the
Lord your God, and you will find
him, if you search after him with
all your heart and with all your
(Deuteronomy 4:29 RSV)

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