Wednesday, April 12, 2017


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Do you know how blessed you are with so 
many government agencies to watch after
your health?  And of course the yellow pages
are full of people who want to do one thing
or the other to help you - for a price.

I grew up in the "West".  I guess it was
the wild west.  We had to do it ourselves
if we wanted it done.  And even worse,
there was no agency to tell us how to 
do it, or if we were allowed to do it at
all.  But, some how we did manage to 

After over eighty years of experience in 
living, I did not want it all to go to waste.
So, I decided to pass on some safety
hints on something that could help every

Not every one wants to raise rabbits,
garlic, or even repair their car.  So, I picked
on safety in finger nail care.  I have read
several times that even a dead person's 
nails and hair continue to grow for a period
of time after they die.  Now, I have not been
dead yet.  I have faced death, but God in his
mercy pulled me through it.  But safety in
finger nail care could benefit the dead and 
the living.

You have decided to tend to your finger nails.  So you 
have your nails dry and clean.  You have laid out your 
your nail clippers or manicure scissors and plan on 
properly cutting straight across, then rounding your nails

BUT, but, but.
Have you checked with your doctor.
Why?  I don't know.  But like myself, you know that 
any health advice always ends with check with your doctor.
So, check with your doctor to see if you are healthy enough
to undertake this endeavor.

Then before you start, lay your clippers and emery board
out.  But do not use them until you have the proper safety
equipment on and in place.

You will need:
1.  A hard hat.  you never know when a clipped nail
can fly around and injure you.
2.  Saftey glasses.  same reason.
3. Steel toed boots.  When you are concentrating on
your nails you could easily step on you toes.
4. Last but not least, a good heavy pair of 
work gloves to protect you fingers while you
work on your nails.  Clippers and scissors
could be real hard on your little pinky if
miss guided.

One other thing that can be very helpful today.
No matter how you do it, some snowflake is 
going to be offended by the way you do it.
And you do not want to end up in court because
some one is offended.  You do not dare to offend
anyone in this day and age.  They are not mature
enough to handle life.

So plan on doing it while most other people are
asleep.  And safer yet would be to do it in 
the basement or perhaps hide in the attic.

Remember when you are done,
check with your doctor.

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