Wednesday, April 26, 2017


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Yesterday I learned something about values.

Being a retired auto mechanic I wanted something
to do that I could enjoy doing, and perhaps make 
a little extra income.  So for a few years I have 
been planning on opening up a small engine repair

I began to collect some chain saws, weed eaters,
tools, etc.  Plus gained a lot of experience with
this little "critters".  Of course all of these needed
repair.  The idea was to repair and resell them as
well as repair other peoples small engine problems.

You know how life is though.
Things do not always go as planned.

I will not go to the trouble to explain this.
BUT,  God begin to deal with me over this
issue.  That was not the direction He wanted
me to go.  In addition,  He wanted me to sell
this things.  Get them out of the way and
change my course of direction.  They were
to no longer be a thing of value for me.  Get
rid of them, all of them.

So, yesterday was the day I took them to the
sale.  I had a small truck load of used chain
saws, weed eaters and small engines.  I knew
the value of these things.  Well, at least the
potential value.  I was hoping regain some of
the monies I had put out on them.

Do you know other people do not have the
same values I do?

The check I got for this entire truck load
of "good stuff" was enough to pay for my
gas over to the sale and back.


Our values are not always the same as "real life".

And our life and values may not match up to reality.
God said;

"The things that most people think
are important are worthless as far
as God is concerned."
(Luke 16:15 CEV)

When that day comes and you die stepping out
into the "great forever", is it going to be after
a life of chasing your values?  Or God's values 
whom you will come to face to face with.?

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