Friday, February 21, 2014


I know.
This is not a pretty picture.
You have seen prettier pictures.
You have seen better looking snow.
In fact, the snow gets much deeper where you live.

I live back in the hills.  Now the hills here are not very
high.  But the valleys are real deep.  So when a snow
storm hits, it can be a very serious thing.

The day I took this picture I had gone to a morning church
service almost 30 miles from my house.  I knew the storm was
coming.  But it was not supposed to be here until later in the day.
So I threw some weight (wood) in the back of my old work truck
and when to church.  But the storm hit hard while I was in church.

This first point about the storm is not the point of the post.
I just want to give God the thanks.  Then the point of the post.

This storm was one of those dry powdery type of snows.  It 
was slicker than grease.  And on the way back home, many a 
prayer was offered up when one wreck after another was passed.
While squirming up one hill after another.  And taking one detour
after another with the old truck.   But God answered 
every one of them.

When I was about seven miles from the house I finally decided
to give up, park the truck and call for help, knowing I could not get up
 our hill.  So while turning around to go back to an empty parking lot 
I had just passed, one of my grand kids spotted me.  He was in a 
vehicle that would take me anywhere.  I did not even have to get 
the cell phone out.  Isn't God good.

The point of today's post.

I attempted to take a picture of the snow falling through the 
kitchen window.  But the storm was abating and the snow 
flakes very small.  However, my problem was I could not 
get on the internet, even to check the weather.

My internet service comes from a cell tower about two 
miles from the house.  Often when storms come I loose
 contact with the cell tower.  Electrical interference from 
thunder storms will do it.  Or as in this case, snow and
other times ice.  I do not know if the signal is lost because
 of all the snow in the air, or if something gets coated with
 snow, ice or a pollutant.  [Incidentally the correct spelling of 
"pollutant" is "politician".]  But ether way, the message does 
not get through because of the interference.  You could 
think of this as the material world interfering with the spiritual

[I know.  You do not believe in "radio waves" because you
cannot see them, touch them, smell them or taste them.  So
they do not exist and never have existed.]

Our lives are the same way.  When they get all cluttered up
with visible things (stuff), cares about food, clothing, riches,
fame or just being "cool" and having fun - then the unseen 
signals sent by God (The cell tower) can not get to us, 
the receiver.

Jesus pointed this out when he said,
"Other people are like the seeds sown among the thorn
bushes.  These are the ones who hear the message, but
the worries about this life, the love for riches, and all
other kinds of desires crowd in and choke the message,
and they don't bear fruit."
(Mark 4:18,19 TEV)

Are "things" or "stuff" causing interference in
your life so God cannot communicate with you?

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