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Kathryn Kuhlman's book
Never Too Late
Marion Burgio
Multiple sclerosis

After reading Kathryn Kuhlman's book
Never Too Late something finally got my

The book largely was about the struggles of
Marion Burgio who had Multiple seclerosis for
seventeen years.  The pain and the agony that
these folks endure is almost beyond my imagination.

But when Marion was at one of the healing services,
in a wheel chair, just barely alive if I may say it that
way.  Marion, who did not really want to go to the
service, began to feel concern and compassion for
those around her who were suffering.  And she
began to forget herself and in her own way to pray
for those around her.

It was then, when she was not even thinking about it,
that her own instantaneous miraculous total healing took

Is there not a clue here?
First, she prayed for someone else.
Then the Lord reminded me about Jobs recovery.

"Then after Job had prayed for his three
friends, the Lord made him prosperous
again and gave him twice as much as
he had had before."
(Job 42:10  GNT)

The Lord turned things around for Job,
after he prayed for his wayward friends.

In the closing section of the book Kathryn
broaches the subject again when she said,

"Often there are those who come praying
for physical healing and they get so 
caught up in the spiritual impact of the
miracle service that they forget about 
their own need.  They soon direct their 
prayers toward others and begin rejoicing
over the miracles that take place.
Oddly enough, it is often at this precise 
moment that God chooses to heal - when
self is forgotten and God and others come
pp. 69, 70

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Sassy Granny ... said...

Ah yes ... self-forgetfulness. How counter to our flesh's desire to have center stage. What a great story, Luther. God has such a powerful way of blessing while at the same time garnering glory for His matchless name!