Friday, October 16, 2015


There is someone I have known for years.
We have a very good relationship that I want
  to continue.

You know how life is.
This person has one annoying habit.
And has had it for as long as I can remember.
Were it not for this one annoying habit, 
this person would no doubt be perfect.
Well, almost.

We can be within talking distance of one another,
not even saying or doing anything. And all I have 
to do is open my mouth and start to say something.
I will not even have my first sentence finished 
until this person has "butted" in and started 
talking about who knows what.

Starting to talk is like waving a red flag
in front of a bull.

Now that's not too bad, but it can be several
times during the same conversation.   If you
can call a one sided conversation a conversation.

This only takes two or three times until I shut
up and do not even try to tell them what I started

I suppose it was while thinking about this that 
the Lord let a thought come into my mind.
When God is trying to speak to me, do I start
talking to him instead of listening to him.
When the Holy Spirit is "trying" to minister
to me, do I start reciting my "give me" list?

"He who has an ear, 
let him hear what the Spirit says....."
(Revelation 3:22 GNT)

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