Friday, October 23, 2015

"Clothes make the man"

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Back possibly in the 1990's my wife and I were camping
in one of the local State Parks.  It just happened that was 
the week end of a large Mountain Bike Festival.  There 
were Mountain Bikes all over the place, you know, 
swarms of them.

It was almost unbelievable what those kids can do on 
their Mountain Bikes.  They would hop them from rock
to rock.  Jump over logs and maybe even climb trees with
them.  O.K.  Scratch the tree climbing.

I think it was at an intermediate event that I saw a man who
I would guess was a young family man.  Probably with out 
kids yet to be able to spend the money he did on his bike and
outfit.  As I remember he had a very expensive bike.  And all
of his clothes and gear looked to me like professional attire.
So, I was watching to see this star ride.

Lol.  Lol. Lol.
The clothes just had not finished making the man yet.
He did about the worst of all of them.

I admit.  This is not quite what I want to talk about.
This is "Gunner" on one of my motorcycles in the
church parking lot.  But that is really all I need for 
a picture and it helps you know we are shifting gears.

I live about twelve to fifteen miles from the city that now
has the fourth largest motorcycle festival in the United States.
The attendees are measured in the hundreds of thousands.
Now you are getting closer to my kind of thing.  I have been
riding motorcycles on and off for years.

So for the first three or four years of this festival I was right
down there to see what was going on.  Now I'm not too 
bright.  So it took me a while to figure it out.  This thing is
nothing more than a huge costume party.  Most of these guys
are not "bikers" or even "motorcyclist".  They are nothing more
than party animals.  They are the kind that spend more time 
washing and polishing their motorcycle than riding it.  It is only
a trophy to them that they haul in on a trailer to the party.
They keep nice new motorcycle costumes on the shelf to wear
to the party.  Then go to the party and drink lots of beer while 
throwing around even more B.S.

The clothes just do not turn them into a real "biker".

It is easy to stand here and point my finger.  But when I start
trying to be honest before God, am I any different.  Am I only
trying to look or act respectable or like a Christian. 
How do I stand before God.

"But the Lord said to Samuel,
'Do not look at his appearance or at
his physical stature, because I have
refused him.  For the Lord does not 
see as man sees; for man looks at 
the outward appearance, but the 
Lord looks at the heart.'"
(1 Samuel 16:7 NKJV)

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