Tuesday, November 6, 2012


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"If you are too busy to fish.  You are too busy."
Some one once said.

I am way past retirement.  In fact, well past my three score and ten

If I am ever going to learn to fish.  I had better get with it.

Watching a video on crappie fishing was enlightening.
Three men were fishing off the bank of a farm pond.
And some one must have been running the video camera.

These men were catching fish right and left.  First one man
and then another would catch a nice fish and put in their basket
thing in the water.  Once in a while a fish was thrown back for
one reason or another.  Obviously there was going to be a good
fish fry that night.

While the men were fishing and visiting, one was ask why he
fished from the bank instead of using a boat.  He responded
by relating the experience of his friend.

This man's friend spent $18,000 on a bass boat.  He hooked it
up behind his $30,000 pickup truck and went fishing.
He caught a two pound fish - and threw it back in.

Sounds to me like todays "Church".
There are fish all around us that could be caught with a cane
pole and a worm on a hook.

But we are more interested in the equipment than the fishing.

"And Jesus said to them,
'Follow me and I will make you become
fishers of men.'"
(Mark 1:17 RSV)

God, give us a heart to fish.

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Sassy Granny ... said...

So true!

I live among a family of fly fishermen. They need very little prompting and not much equipment to make a case for a fishing expedition. Oh that the Church would do likewise.