Friday, November 16, 2012


Looking around the house I see nicknacks, ornaments, decorations
and just "stuff".  All sitting, doing nothing but being in the way
and gathering dust.

My shop has more chain saws than I can keep running and more motorcycles
than I can ride at one time.  There are even new unused tools sitting and 
gathering dust and rust.

As you would guess, there are things around that the grandchildren
just had to have.  But now grandpa has to take care of - just in case
some year or other they decide to play with them again.

Sound familiar?

Something is wrong!

I am not suggesting that we return to horse and buggy days.
But there is wisdom in a statement made by Dr. Bob Pierce when
talking with Dr. Wes Ulrich in a Jordan hospital years ago.

"But here!  These Bedouins are living as they did three or four
thousand years ago.  They don't even want what we have in
the West; they don't even miss television and such, they don't
covet our way of life."
(BOB PIERCE This One Thing I Do  p.167) 

"Do not love the world or anything that belongs to the world.
If you love the world, you do not love the Father.  Everything
that belongs to the world - what the sinful self desires, what people
see and want, and everything in this world that people are so proud
of - none of this comes from the Father; it all comes from the world."
(John 2:15,16 GNB)

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Sassy Granny ... said...

If I began counting all my "creature comforts" I'd be counting still a year from now. Some days I call them blessings; thanking God for having blessed us in so many tangible ways. Other days I call them curses (when I have to dust, store, replace, fix, pay for, stack or otherwise take care of said comforts).

I'd like to think, like Paul, I'm content with the whatevers of my life. But if that were true, why do I always seem to have something on my "to purchase" list?

Keep telling it like it is, Luther!