Tuesday, November 20, 2012


Jesus said,
"If you want to come with me,
you must forget yourself,
take up your cross every day, 
and follow me."
(Luke 923 GNB)

The cross was an instrument of execution.
We all know that.

And many of us understand out of love, devotion
and responsibility giving our selves totally to Christ.
Giving ourselves without reservation to him and his service
and a life of holiness.  Then going forth in the power of
the Holy Spirit.

Now this will go against some "theoryologies".
I know.  I've been there.

But if we will be honest with ourselves we find that life
is like gardening.  A weed is going to crop up.  It may be
the same day, or another year.  But there will be a piece of
root left in the ground.  Or a seed blown in by the wind.
And our life will have a weed(s) in it.

God knows these vessels of clay.  God also knows what
life is going to throw at us.  That is why he said, 
"take up your cross every day,"  Or as another version
says, "daily".

Praise God.  After a time of refreshment with the Lord,
tomorrow will be a new day.  And we will die (again?)
to self, pick up our cross and carry on.

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