Friday, September 27, 2013


Any intellectual can tell you that EVERYTHING came from nothing.
To acknowledge that there was "something" or "someone", is to 
acknowledge something that intellectuals do not want to acknowledge.

seven hundred billion trillion years ago.  That is to get your attention.
The trend today is to increase the length of time of evolution to appear
more authentic. Even in my short life time, I've seen a great increase in
 the time line of the evelutionary scale.  Any evelutionist can tell you that 
years are cheap.  Just like "Brownie points", free.  So just throw them
around.  You did not pay for them.

Consequently, to be more authentic, I'll top them.
Once upon a time enough nothing compressed together to become 
"something".  This "something" eventually evolved into a neutron and/or
 electron.  These collided starting a chain reaction producing more 

Some of this "something" eventually evolved into a substance similar 
to edible kelp (Alaria esculenta) but this was Alaria esculentapee.

After a few million more years the Alaria esculentapee multiplied 
to the point where some sloshed out of the soupy slop onto the dry 
land that was developing and hung on a rock that was to be evolved

This Alaria esculentapee  hanging on a rock began to dry out,
and take on a new form from the sun, which happened to form
by then from some other "something", forming a new substance
similar to rock tripe (Umbilicaria).  However, this was not
Umbilicaria, but Umbilicariaous.

A note about these photos for any photographers out there.
The photo above (no. 4) was taken out in the sun.  It did not
work well as you can see.  It is not the camera's fault.  All the
rest were taken on a large rock in the shade.

The point of interest.
The first four photos (That includes the one out in the sun.)
were taken with an old 2MP Nikon coolpix 2500.  I bought
 it on eBay for $6.50 plus shipping.  You read that right.
You can buy them almost any time for $10.00 to $25.00.

The next four photos were taken on the same rock with
a brand new 16MP Kodak five minutes later.
You figure it out.


This is where the trouble began because the baby dinosaurs,  (The 
extinct dinosaur "herbivorous")  Loved the stuff, i.e., Umbilicariaous.
They ravished the Umbilicariaous putting it on the endangered species

In order to survive, Umbilicariaous decided something had to be done.
Consequently there was a collective meeting of the remaining Umbilicariaous
with mother nature.

Due to the urgency of the situation many suggestions were made.
But to the Umbilicariaous the most suitable solution was to evolve
into something that was not palatable to the baby dinosaurs.  The
decision was made to evolve into something long, stringy and 
sticky - thus the thorns.

This only took a few million years to do.  Had some not hidden under
a rock before the evolution was complete, all would have been lost.
But thank God, some was able to make it with out being devoured
by baby dinosaurs.  So we now have the brier.

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