Sunday, September 29, 2013


"God told me to write down in a book what the people
are like, so that there would be a permanent record
of how evil they are.  They are always rebelling against
God, always lying, always refusing to listen to the LORD's
teachings.  They tell the prophets to keep quiet.  They say,
'Don't talk to us about what's right.  Tell us what we want
to hear.  Let us keep our illusions.  Get out of our way and
stop blocking our path.  We don't want to hear about your
holy God of Israel.'  
But this is what the holy God of Israel says: 'You ignore 
what I tell you and rely on violence and deceit.  You are
guilty.  You are like a high wall with a crack running
down it; suddenly you will collapse.  You will be shattered
like a clay pot, so badly broken that there is no piece big
enough to pick up hot coals with or to dip water from a 
cistern ...... And yet the LORD is waiting to be merciful to
you.  He is ready to take pity on you because he always
does what is right.  Happy are those who put their trust
in the LORD.'
(Isaiah 30:8-15,18 GNT)


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