Friday, September 20, 2013



I do not read as well as you do.  But I have learned 
to read a little bit.  And over the years there have been
so many things that; encourage, inspire, motivate, or
even warn me, that I feel compelled to share some of
it with you.

Mrs Rosalind Goforth in her book,
Jonathan Goforth
mentions how she had an opportunity to see
Jonathan's Bible before they were married.

"Jonathan Goforth was called out of the room.
As he rose, he placed his Bible on the chair.  
Something happened then which I could never
explain, nor try to excuse.  Suddenly, I stepped
past four or five people, took up his Bible and 
returned to my seat.  Rapidly I turned the leaves
and found the book worn almost to shreds in parts
and marked from cover to cover.  I quickly returned
it to the chair, and returning to my seat, I tried
to look very innocent.  As I sat there, I said to 
myself, 'That is the man I would like to mary!'"

"He would never borrow, nor ever go in debt,
and God always honored His servant's trust in him."

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Sonja Goodson said...

What a commentary of the life of a man. Humbling, isn't it? He chose to follow God in a way we pray for and hope for.