Tuesday, January 8, 2013


Here are a few random thoughts gleaned from,
Matthew Henry.

These have been an encouragement to me and hopefully
at least one can be an encouragement to you.


"Praying is lifting up the soul to God, 
and pouring out the heart before him;"

"However, God understands the language of the heart,
and that is the language in which we must speak to God;"

"... we must see to it that God hears from us daily....
He expects and requires it....
he has obliged us to offer the sacrifice of prayer and 
praise to him continually."

"What a shame is this to us, that God is more willing
to be prayed to, and more ready to hear prayer
than we are to pray."

"I know what an influence it would have upon
the prosperity of your souls to be constant and
sincere in your secret worship, ..."

"All the business of the day will prosper the better for 
your beginning it thus with God."

"God looks not at the length of your prayers, nor shall
you be heard for your much speaking or fine speaking;"

"To wait on God, is entirely and unreservedly to refer
ourselves to his wise and holy direction, and disposals, 
and cheerfully to acquiesce in them, and comply with them."

"To wait on God, is to make his will our rule."

"It is good for us to think frequently of dying, to think
of it as oft as we go to bed; it will help to mortify
the corruptions of our own hearts,..."


Note of interest to writers.
I am not one, but I do live in a different generation
than brother Henry did.  Thus, I am able to notice 
how "wordy" they were back in 1700 plus.

Matthew Henry has "one" sentence on page 30
of the above book which is - 136 words long.
Can you top that?

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Sassy Granny ... said...

I think this generation could use a HUGE dose of founding-father wisdom. So many of the early greats in this country had a strong, powerful (and wordy) faith.