Tuesday, January 29, 2013



For years I worked as an auto technician at a new car dealership.
And for years I got irritated with customers who would buy a brand
new car, but not read the owner's manual.

It seemed it was easier to complain when something did not work 
right.  Then go gripe at the "mechanic" about the problem.
When all the time the answer was in the owner's manual.

Guess what?
It appears I am the same way.

I am not a photographer.  But I am in my second childhood,
and have a camera and will play with it.

I was quite content with the photo program that windows had.
Then I went out and bought my wife an expensive (To me.)
high powered new computer - with Vista.
After giving it a fair trial, it drove this simple old
man to Mac.

But I did not care for Mac's photo program.  I could
not do the things I wanted to with it.

Now the computer I am on right now came with an 
84 page manual.  And knowing I needed lots
of help bought a 442 page Dummies book also.

After about three years of using this Mac, 
I stumbled into how to use it's photo program.
The things I wanted to do and could not.
[That information must have been buried down in
the middle of the manuals somewhere.] 

Whether you want to admit it or not.  God created
us and is the source of our life.  Just like the power
to the computer you are on now is plugged in.
Or was plugged in to charge it up.

And whether you want to admit it or not, God 
gave us an owner's manual - the HOLY BIBLE.

Why is it that we human "beans" would rather stumble
through life in the dark -

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