Friday, September 4, 2015


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I was setting in the other room pondering how insignificant I 
am.  And wanting my remaining time to be used for the Lord,
it seemed I am not making much headway.

You know even better than myself that the prevailing mind set
is to "attempt" great things for God.  This thought comes from 
the missionary William Carey, not the Scriptures.  Keeping this
thinking in the context he was speaking in - he is correct of course.  
But our tendency is to think of it as planning great things to do  
for God.  Then give it our all.   Hey!  We simply can't do it.

However it seemed that the Lord was telling me that he has not
called us (me) to do great things, but to be faithful in what he has
given us (me) to do.

In fact, I cannot even find the word "attempt" in the Bible.
Well, at least the King James Version.  But two instances
come to mind that make a real impact on myself.  And even
more so because it is two individuals simply living a real
Christian life.

Many years ago, perhaps around 1985, the pastor and I went to
a big Christian conference in another state.   There were some
big name Christian leaders there as speakers and teachers.  Do
you know how much I remember of their sermons or teaching?
Nothing.  That's right - nothing.

But I remember sister Elizabeth.

We were in the cafeteria of the hotel having lunch or something.
Sister Elizabeth was sitting on my right and she poised the question
if we (I - whoever) had been to Israel.  You have got to be kidding
sister.  I cannot afford to go to Israel.

Sister Elizabeth was a custodian in some school district and she was
not plush with funds either.  But she explained.  If she needed shoe laces
she ask her heavenly father for them.  If she wanted to go to Israel she
ask her heavenly father to send her.  At that time she had been to Israel
three times.

Now who preached the best sermon?  In my book, sister Elizabeth the
custodian who was simply sharing her life of faith.  [And, putting me
to shame.]

I just read a post on blogger that really spoke to me.
"The Day I was Supernaturally Healed"
Here Sarah was ministered to by another custodian used of God.
I have included the link to her post.  Read it.  It will bless you.

Here are two custodians that "preached" more enduring sermons
than any preacher by being faithful in living for Christ.  With
God's help I will simply try to be faithful to any task he gives me,
big or small.

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Sassy Granny ... said...

I am so very glad I dropped by today. You make such a needful, profound point. It is often said that we ask God to bless our plans, when we ought to be seeking Him and asking how we can engage in what He has planned. To be faithful is a huge undertaking!

May He bless & keep you always, Luther.