Friday, September 25, 2015


The best of friends, you bet.
They are supposed to be.  They claim
they are.  They are husband and wife.

No.  I did not ask them if I could use
their picture.  That is my granddaughter and
her husband.  They throw their pictures all
over Facebook just like you do - so why
ask them?

But even more, I am proud of this couple.
True, by my standards they are just a couple
of kids growing up.  But they love the Lord
Jesus Christ and are living for and serving 
him the best they can.  And I do not know
many people that way.

However they are not my subject.
Companionship, fellowship, camaraderie
come closer to my thinking.

Way back at the beginning of the human race
it looks to me like God let mankind live a  lot
longer so he could populate this earth in a hurry.
And one of these early guys really stands out
to me.  His name was "Enoch".
Let me tell you about Enoch.

"When Enoch was 65, he had a son,
Methuselah.  After that, Enoch lived
in fellowship with God for 300 years
and had other children.  He lived to
be 365 years old.  He spent his life in
fellowship with God, and then he 
disappeared, because God took him 
(Genesis 5:21-24 GNT)

Did you get that?  Enoch lived his life
in fellowship with God almighty, the 
very creator.

O God.
My I spend the rest of my days in 
fellowship or companionship with you.
May I be at one with you as Enoch was
until you take me home. 

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Sonja Goodson said...

Love this Luther, and the photo! I'm reminded of what dad used to say... "May I be known at His throne".