Friday, September 18, 2015


You guessed it.  That is "The Weather Channel".  It say's so in the 
little blue box over on the left side.  And that's the weather for when 
ever.  Yes, that was all it would show me, no matter how long I waited
this morning.

I do not know about you, but when I go to "The Weather Channel"
it is for data or information.  Information about the weather.  You know.
Is it going to rain today?  Can I wear a short sleeved shirt, or do I need
a jacket?  What can I expect, or what happened here or somewhere else.

Over the last few months I have made an observation about "The Weather
Channel".   Every time they have "upgraded" [Ha, ha, ha or LOL or 
snicker, snicker.] it has downloaded slower.  Yes, every time.   They
have been spending their time trying to "pretty" it up.  And that adds more
data for the poor old computers to download.

This may only be true of us on satellite or wireless.  It might not effect
"dial up" and other forms of internet service.

But "The Weather Channel" is missing the point.  Most of us do not go
to "The Weather channel" for wallpaper for our computers.  Nor for art
work, or pretty pictures or pleasing backgrounds.  BUT DATA.  Weather
information to be exact.  When "The Weather Channel" was not so pretty,
at least I could get the information I as after and get it in short order.

However, am I doing the same thing with my life???
Trying to impress others?  Or accumulate a bunch of stuff that I cannot 
take with me anyway?  Or squeeze all the fun out of life that I can?
In short, clutter my life up with stuff that does not count in the end?

Ed McCully, one of the five missionary martyrs in Ecuador said,

"It's hard to keep our primary purpose in view when
we get so swamped with secondary things."
-Ed McCully September 1953.

I believe it was C.T. Studd who said,

"Only one life 'twill soon be past, only what's
done for Christ will last."

Am I focused on my purpose of being here and the day I stand before
God to give an account of my years spent here?  Or am I dragging in a
lot of unrelated material and effort?

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