Monday, September 14, 2015


That was a tree or sapling, what ever you want to call it.
It was in the way so I cut it off.

You know what happened.  It sprouted all over and begin
to grow again.  So I cut off all the sprouts.  And as you know
even better than myself.  It sprouted again.

This has got to stop.  Under other conditions I would use a
"come-along", my truck or a sky hook and pull it out - roots
and all.  But you can see it would tear up a bunch of "stuff".
And to spread any poison on it was out of the question.  That
is in a garden bed that is already planted.

I am not smart enough to think of this, so I assume God gave 
me the idea.  I drilled a hole down the middle of the "stump"
about four or five inches.  The hole was a size that I could fit
the funnel tightly into.  Then I put bad stuff for plants into the
funnel.  And for several days it just soaked up the bad stuff.

The picture was taken one week later.  And you can see that
the little tree or sapling is dead, dead.  And there is nothing 
spread into the garden bed.  Thank God for that.

In this case, that little funnel is a head for that sapling.  And
filling the head with "bad stuff" killed it.

I am no different.  If I fill my head with bad stuff it will kill me
too.  Put the wrong stuff in my big mouth and it will kill my 
body.  Soak in the wrong stuff with my eye's or ears and it 
will kill me spiritually.

What kind of trash are we putting into our heads?

"In conclusion, my friends,
fill your minds with those things that
are good and that deserve praise;
things that are true, noble, right,
pure, lovely, and honorable."
(Philippians 4:8 GNT)

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